Anastasia Mudryk is a pianist , lobby solo pianist , pianist in classical trio .
She has many years of experience working with various companies abroad .
She worked with short ( 6 months ) and long (11months ) contract .
Successfully improve her repertoire and performance skills .
She likes working fully with pleasure and passion .The repertoire has world hits from
all countries ( Arabic, Korean , Russian , European , Canadian , American , ( Turkish music )

Working in different styles : classical , contemporary , jazz ,lounge music .
Had an unforgettable experience working with companies such as :
*MSC Orchestra Cruise ship
*Gangwon Land High 1 Resort / South Korea
*Hilton Spa Hotel / UAE
*Ritz Carlton Hotel / Bahrain

She was educated bachelor degree in Musical Arts in Kharkiv National University of Arts / Special Piano.
Is was amazing time for her. She got a classical school of skills and the opportunity to take
lessons from some of the best teachers in Ukraine.

Anastasia is sports lover , travel and pets lover.