Daniele and Sophie


Daniele and Sophie are two young dancers with big dreams. At such young ages, they are already experienced in competing, teaching, cruise lines and international tours. Committing their entire life to Ballroom and Latin dancing and training with only the best professionals.


The quality of their actions is unmissable even to the blind eye. Combining speed, rhythm and technique with incredible music their shows brings pure adrenalin to anyone watching, giving everyone the passion for dance.


Training together from a young age and continuing to grow alongside on one another you will never see two dancers so in sync.

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2×45 minute shows

A full programme of Dance classes for Beginners,
Intermediate and Advanced levels.

*We operate within MLC2006 guidelines adhering to administrative and processing protocol to candidates wishing to gain employment as crew members on a seagoing vessel.
*Please note this is for candidates applying for career opportunities at sea and not including Guest Acts and Musicians.