Daria and Roberto, also known as Metropolitan Loops its an Acoustic Duo that takes you on a magical journey of amazing musical sounds, their ability to create musical landscapes with Daria’s silky, warm voice and Roberto’s tasty guitar playing adding looping layering sounds, together, they create a warm and elegant musical atmosphere that involves all audience’s senses.


Styles ranging from Jazz, Blues to Pop and Rock will keep you guessing what your next musical stop will be, making you want for more.


Their ability to switch from style to style and being able to give a special personal touch to every song they play has made them favourites to worldwide audiences.

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500+ songs in styles of Jazz, Classic Jazz, Pop and Rock

Acoustic sets with a loops station + Backing tracks

*We operate within MLC2006 guidelines adhering to administrative and processing protocol to candidates wishing to gain employment as crew members on a seagoing vessel.
*Please note this is for candidates applying for career opportunities at sea and not including Guest Acts and Musicians.