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Meet Edward – a passionate violin virtuoso from Ukraine. Edward began his musical career when he was only 5 years old. His mother – an amateur musician, noticed that he had perfect pitch and decided to give him his first musical lessons. At the age of six, Edward composes his first composition – Waltz for Piano and Orchestra in C moll. At school, and later in college, Edward is actively involved in composition and comprehends all the subtleties of playing the violin and piano. After graduating from college, Edward successfully enters the Institute of Music in by R. Glier, where he improves his violin and composing skills. Graduated with a master’s degree, Edward successfully works in the best orchestras of the capital of Ukraine, and then begins his career as a violinist – sailor, working for several years on a cruise ship with his piano trio. It is here that Edward finally understands that the sea and music are his elements and he is happy to be in the place where he can share his art with the audience. Unfortunately, the pandemic that turned the whole world upside down made its own adjustments and Edward stuck ashore for almost two years. Nevertheless, Edward doesn’t despair and successfully works as a composer and arranger, enriching the world music library with his masterpieces. At the same time, Edward creates his band – electric violin trio named Joker Trio, with which he successfully tours Ukraine. Finally, humanity has begun to win in the fight against the pandemic, and Edward is happy to return on board and delight you with his creativity.