Ian Kendall is an award-winning magician who has amazed audiences across the globe with astonishing feats and incredible miracles.


Ian has a relaxed performing style that immediately puts the audience at ease, and his quick wit and large amounts of audience participation means that his shows are more than just something to watch; the spectators are very much part of the experience! The shows cover many genres of magic, with danger, mind reading, escapology and even a couple of (large) card tricks – there is truly something for everyone!


He has performed in an array of venues, from close up magic on the Orient Express train to the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood and the F1 circuit in Bahrain! In 2009 he was awarded the Leslie P Guest award for Excellence in Magic by the Society of American Magicians. Only the second non US magician to win the award!


As well as performing, Ian is a respected teacher of magic. He has written columns for the two largest circulation magic magazines. He has also written four books teaching magic and produced over twenty hours of video instruction.

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2 x 45-minute stage shows

1 x 45-minute extra stage show (as needed)

1 x 30 – 45-minute formal close up show

*We operate within MLC2006 guidelines adhering to administrative and processing protocol to candidates wishing to gain employment as crew members on a seagoing vessel.
*Please note this is for candidates applying for career opportunities at sea and not including Guest Acts and Musicians.