Two very experienced and passionate musicians, joined forces to create beautiful music.


Now performing under the duo ‘RYT’ we want to deliver music that people recognise, and can relate to emotionally. We spend a lot of our time producing arrangements of well-known songs, which people of all ages tend to know.


When performing live, we like to adapt to the type of audience we’re in front of and create the perfect atmosphere for them, tailoring our repertoire to their needs.


We have a mixture of backing tracks which we perform (which we have produced) but also love to just play live with a piano, guitar, or ukelele whilst singing.

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2 X 45 Minute Shows

600+ Songs in the repertoire

*We operate within MLC2006 guidelines adhering to administrative and processing protocol to candidates wishing to gain employment as crew members on a seagoing vessel.
*Please note this is for candidates applying for career opportunities at sea and not including Guest Acts and Musicians.