Sonja Agata Biscan is a Polish Croatian singer/ songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. She graduated in flute from musical high school in 2011 and has been studying solo voice since 2010. Sonja had performed at many festivals in Croatia and abroad, e.g. Imagine Festival in Romania, Nišville Jazz Festival and Kantfest in Serbia, Concert of the Laureates in Poland, THISSFest in Holland etc. She won numerous awards for her music.
In 2012, at Sonar Contest, Sonja was selected as one of the best young performers and songwriters in Croatia by renowned Croatian producers and the Croatian Composers Society. In result, her first single For A Moment was released in November 2013.
In 2014, she toured 15 states of USA, Kenya and several European countries for 6 months with an international vocal quartet Singers of United Lands (SOUL). The quartet performed for and held workshops for audiences consisting of people of all ages, nationalities and cultural backgrounds.
As of October 2014, Sonja has been in residencies as the singer-pianist in luxury hotels in The Middle East (Doha, Qatar and Dubai, UAE) and cruise ships.