tap step brothers


The Tap Step Brothers is an incredible two-man Tap show that will take you across various time periods and styles. From the Hollywood greats of Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly, to the more recent tap phenomenon, Tap Dogs. Amongst this, the act also includes the beloved Irish dancing as made famous from River dance, as well as a multitude of high-energy tap routines.

The boys met years ago working in various tap and Irish shows together which brought them ever closer. They have worked all over the world, on cruises and international tours, as well as multiple UK tours.

These best of friends bring their charm, charisma and high talent to the stage to bring an entertaining yet mesmerising performance.

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2 x 45 minute shows

10 min variety performance

*We operate within MLC2006 guidelines adhering to administrative and processing protocol to candidates wishing to gain employment as crew members on a seagoing vessel.
*Please note this is for candidates applying for career opportunities at sea and not including Guest Acts and Musicians.